MRL Handbook No. 7

Experiments with Magnetism and Coils

We have attempted to explain a lot of the peculiar actions of Magnetism, in relation to coils. Over 30 experiments may be conducted with very little equipment. There are also other drawings that help to make it more interesting reading.

Details on making a simple galvanometer, contracting helix, repulsion coil, current-wave tester, and other gadgets.

We are sure it will be as interesting to you in reading it as it was in our writing it.  Add it to your MRL Handbook Collection.


    1.    Electricity and Magnetism
    2.    Current and Electron Flow
    3.    Electron Theory of Magnetism
    4.    Earth, or Terrestrial, Magnetism
    5.    Permanent Magnets
    6.    Lines of Force and Pull
    7.    Permeability, Reluctance, Saturation
    8.    Electricity Produces a Magnetic Field
    9.    Movement in Magnetic Field Produces Electricity.
  10.    Inductance, Self
  11.    Mutual Inductance
  12.    Low Frequency Transformers
  13.    A.C. Resistance


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