Shipped in a bubble wrap envelope.


Add any combination of the following semiconductors. Please inquire for shipping to locations outside the United States. For credit card payment see PayPal button below. Make check or money order payable to Modern Radio laboratories and send to Modern Radio Labs, PO Box 14902, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0902.





2N3904 NPN transistor 10 cents each

2N2222A NPN transistor 45 cents each




1N60 Germanium Diode 17 cents each

[Note: The 1N60 is similar to a 1N34A, will work anywhere a 1N34A will work, and the 1N60 is slightly better than the 1N34A for weak signal reception in Crystal sets]


1N914/1N4148 silicon diode 6 cents each




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