Modern Radio Laboratories®


MRL® No 2XPN Crystal Radio Kit



Due to frequent misrepresentation and disinformation of Modern Radio Laboratories® on many chat rooms and radio boards for many years (by ignorant and narrow minded people), we are removing the MRL® 2XPN kit from this site.

We will contact each and everyone who has been interested and contacted  us about this kit when it is again available.

The MRL® 2XPN is a beautifully designed and labor intensvie kit to make, and "way better than the ones made by Elmer G osterhoudt"

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at bzowy51(at)

Thank you

Paul L. Nelson MRL®

The above basic circuit diagram of the MRL® 2XPN is composed with "Tubepad" a share-ware library of images by Gary Johanson WD4NKA