600 Ohm Dynamic Monaural Dual Headset

Brand new Dual Monaural Dynamic headset with ear cushions & a coiled cord with inch plug. Very nice. 300-ohm DC resistance each earpiece with both wired in series for 600-ohm total, and 3.6K ohms impedance. We have tested these headsets with the Bogen T725 transformer for crystal set use and they work very well, but not as sensitive as high quality magnetic headsets for extreme weak signal reception. Excellent fidelity. Great for most boatanchor tube radios and amateur gear. Economical price great value for quality.


600 Ohm Dynamic Mono Headset

Cat 17-19  1 lb. Each - $9.50  plus postage & $2.00 handling.

600 ohm Headphones $17.25 Postage & Handling Paid to USA


Please email for shipping to locations outside the United States.

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Western Electric N0. 528 Single Earpiece 58 ohm

DC/300 ohm Z Vintage Headphone

This headset is identical in quality, construction, and operational specifications to the better known Western Electric #509. The main difference between the two is the cup. The 528 cup is painted black brass 1/2 inch deep and the 509s are 5/8ths of an inch deep, and typically polished nickel plated brass, or less common polished brass. Both use a 1 3/4 inch diameter steel diaphragm and a tough, thick bakelite 2 3/8th inch diameter ear cap.

Spring Steel Wire headband & 8 ft. long brown cloth covered tinsel wire cord with spade lug connecters. 300 ohm impedance & 58 ohms DC resistance.

This is a beautiful headset in very good condition. Not worn or heavily used. We have strengthened the magnets and polished the cups and caps. Works exceptionally well with crystal sets and very sensitive using an impedance matching (required) transformer.

NOTE: The headband of the headset above (Cat 17-19) will fit the cups of this headset to make a dual headset.

WE 300z single headset

Cat # 17-20 - EACH-$19.50 plus 1 LB postage & handling.

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Email: paul@modernradiolabs.com